Video production in Athens

The video production in Athens is a process we consider as an entire project itself. This means that it needs planning with precision, execution with professionalism, and assembling with expertise. For those that are not familiar with the process, there are three phases included: pre-production, production, and post-production. As it is obvious, this is much more than pressing the record button on a video camera. It takes competency, skills, and talent.

Each phase is equally important and cannot be omitted. Of course, some details differ from case to case but the route is the same every time. The first phase includes planning and coordination. We set the goal and the budget in cooperation with the client and then we shape the idea thoroughly. All the involved parts define their role for the next phase. The second phase is the actual filming. We create the content following the timescale. This is the raw material we will use in the third phase. In the final phase, we assemble the video, send it to the client for approval, and only then we deliver the final product.


Meeting with the client

Before everything else, we ask the client for his goal, so that we set the parameters. What are the purpose and the strategy? There are key questions that help us to make the objective more precise:

  • What are the target audience and the key message?
  • Is there any budget estimation?
  • What channels will you use to reach them (television, social media, corporate website, LinkedIn, newsletter, etc.)?
  • What do you want to achieve through the video (e.g., views/awareness, likes & subscriptions/loyalty)?
  • Do you prefer any video format (e.g., interview, animation, etc.)?
  • Is there any employee or member of the management team that would like to appear on camera?
  • Is there any visual material related to our daily job routine that we would like to show? They could probably be details, skills, software or parts of our premises that add points to our status. They could also make the company stand out from the competition.
  • Is there any supplementary requirement e.g., graphics, subtitles, aerial filming, etc.?

This is the right moment we shared our ideas. In other words, we ask the clients for any detail that we need to take into our consideration.

Our offer

Having the answers to the key questions, we can prepare our offer. We process the requirements and prepare a proposal that suits the needs.

Script creation

The script is the compass. It guides the filming so we want it to be structured. Depending on the video format, it may include details as per the spoken lines, characters, ages, locations, dialogue, etc. In other cases, it can be more concise.

The script provides the client with a sense of the video content. It also includes necessary information for the planning of the filming. Based on it, we choose the locations, the cast, the camera movements, and any detail we need to plan.


Locations & Casting

There are various locations we can choose for the filming. We can arrange the filming to take place in the client’s office space, or a studio, or even on location. Depending on the occasion we propose the most suitable and affordable choice that fits your criteria.


Additionally, some videos need the participation of actors, with or without lines. We select and propose the appropriate persons, while the client is responsible for the final selection. He may decide on who represents his brand best. Of course, in this case, there is the alternative of outsourcing the casting to specialists. It is also a client’s decision.


Shot preparation

A shot listing is an in-depth registration of the schedule that the crew will follow on the filming day. The video producer can be informed of the interview questions and replies. It also includes details about the b-roll shot list. This is the material that accompanies the storytelling. Every image during an interview or a voiceover is carefully selected. The combination of what is said with the images presented must be the ideal one so that the outcome be effective. Additionally, in this listing, we add information regarding the locations we need for the filming. Usually, we need permissions and in case we arrange to film at client’s premises we need also the collaboration of the employees. This is because we include scenes with details of a typical day at work. The employees move through the offices, hold internal meetings, interact with products, complete daily tasks.


In some cases, with more complex content, we use storyboarding. It represents in sketched images the keyframes that will make up the final video. The images are presented as individual panels, including technical info. They are necessary during the filming because we don’t spend time thinking about details. We plan everything, creating a sense of the camera movement. This is helpful not only for us but also for the client to have a taste of the finished product.

Graphics and animation

This is a special production because the creation of this content is an expensive procedure. Our video production company in Athenschooses to work hand in hand with the client. This is why we ask for approval at every step before proceeding with the next. supplementarily, we may also use a storyboard with the keyframes before we proceed with the implementation of the video. Alternatively, we create a low- resolution video to be used as a sample before the final version.




After the definition of the previous steps, it follows the scheduling of the filming days. All the previously mentioned information is now placed in a schedule, in which every activity is included. From the arrival time, the breaks, the unit moves, the interviews to the last moment of the filming day. It is a schedule that describes what exactly each individual (crew, cast, participants) should do and when. It is extremely useful so that procrastination to be avoided.




The preparation is complete. It’s time for action. Depending on the project the duration varies from a single day to several days. The raw material is captured according to the scheduled steps of the previous phase.

During production, the client usually doesn’t attend all of the filmings. His presence is essential in videos like interviews or B-roll material if needed.  After all, his involvement is crucial before and after the production.


At this phase, it is proved the value of the pre-production process. All the preparation is going to secure the smooth filming. Of course, there are times we face practical challenges, e.g. with natural lighting or unexpected sound sources. These moments keep us creative and flexible. Our experience helps us to think quickly and act efficiently.



Once the production process comes to an end, the footage is ready. During the post-production process, we organize, enrich and edit the material so that we shape the final product.

Video Editing

This is one of the artistic parts. It’s time to have fun! Editing needs skills and talent. It’s not about creating a sequence of visuals accompanied by music, graphics, and subtitles. It is about a story we want to narrate through a video. A story that should be a unique experience for the viewer. An overall experience with elements that create interest and give food for thought.


The edit will follow as closely as possible the script that was initially created. However, it is possible that a new, fresher version to be presented so that we achieve the best story flow.


Color grading

With color correction, we remove or correct flaws from the pictures. These can be spots or marks that are not wanted. We can also create a uniform result that comes from footage of different cameras.

With color grading, we apply special effects to the images. For example, we can make a part of a video seem like an old movie so that we emphasize it.

Graphic design

Some of the graphics we use are the cards at the beginning and the end of the video. They usually include information like the title of the video and the logo.

For all graphics, we follow the brand’s guidelines as per the fonts, colors, and language that are following their corporate identity.

After Effects

“After effects” step, is a special process that can be applied at the post-production phase and concern a special technique. During this process, we enrich the content with illustrated designs related to text or images. Thanks to this technique we manage to make the message of our video stronger and louder with the best possible impact.



The contribution of sound to the success of a video is huge. A good sound can create effective results. This is why the sound mix is a very important part of the process. Natural sounds, sound effects, music, and voiceover should create a balanced result that matches the final cut of the images.

The music in a video can increase the impact. Creates energy and emotion. Most of the time, it is connected to a brand, increasing awareness and loyalty. The rhythm may also define the sequence and the duration of the scenes.

In our days, there are online music libraries that offer a range of songs without or limited rights management at affordable prices.


Voiceover can be combined with interviews or it can be used as the dominant element of the video. It depends on the video format. In any case, the client has to decide the characteristics of the voice, i.e. the age and the gender of the actor, tone, nationality, etc.

A recording studio will undertake the creation of the voiceover according to the requested specifications. When the voiceover sound file gets ready, it is sent to the editor for adjustment on the video.




According to surveys, the majority of the videos on Facebook and LinkedIn are watched without sound. This is possibly the outcome of our habit to watch videos on the go or at the office without a headset. This is why subtitles are necessary for video production in Athens. The addition of subtitles can be applied either as a standard feature or an optional. In the first case, they are added in the captions, like the graphics. In the second option, they are placed in a separate file and get activated by the viewer.

Reviews, approvals, and final delivery


One step before the end of the process, we create a cut for the client’s check and approval. Based on his feedback, we may proceed with revisions until we come to a final agreement. Once the video is approved, we create the final format that meets the client’s requirements.


The importance of the video production in Athens process


Video production (in Athens) takes time so we must plan it. It helps us to work efficiently and with accuracy. The smooth execution of the filming creates professional results of high quality. We eliminate the unpleasant surprises and we can provide competitive offers. Additionally, we save time during the post-production phase. Since we have discussed the objectives with the client, we avoid redundant revisions. In the end, the process needs less effort for all the participants. The conclusion is that we can offer the best video product our team can create since we have the right communication with the client.

Contact us and ask for your special offer! Our experience and our passion for videography guarantee a result that suits your needs. We are also open to comments or questions that will help you to learn more about our work.

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