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Posted on October 25, 2022

hotel photographyHotel photography – Direct promotion of your business


In the age of the digital world, the visibility of your business online is essential. Especially when it comes to a hotel unit. The promotion of your hotel is done quickly and directly through a hotel photography. Doing a search on the internet brings up a wealth of photos of accommodation and hotels. The image of a hotel on the internet is the communication channel between business and customer.

However, the photos may often not correspond to reality. Either they significantly detract from your space, or they are considered misleading to the public.

hotel photographyIncrease sales through a hotel photo shoot


Hotel photography is now a highly profitable marketing strategy. It is the number 1 tool for promoting services of a hotel unit. The digital display of your hotel is the one that will push the customer to reserve a room. After all, the most frequent way of booking is done online, with the most important factor being the photos. The more professional and closer to reality the hotel photography is, the greater the chances of an increase in sales.

Right photographer


A hotel photo shoot is a very complicated process. It requires specialized knowledge and experience to achieve a perfect result. Hotel photography is based on architectural photography. At the same time, special techniques and tactics are also used. It is therefore necessary to have a combination of many types of photography such as architecture, advertising, interior decoration photography, etc.

For this reason, you must choose the right photographer who knows the special requirements of a hotel photoshoot. The photographer should combine all the above tactics in order to achieve a correct and professional result. In other words, the photographer should find the golden ratio between the aesthetic and advertising tone.

Remember! The photo is the first thing the customer looks at. A low-quality image can significantly reduce your sales and greatly degrade your business look.


Details that make the difference


A professional photographer should be able to capture all the created emotions. We must not forget that we are not advertising the buildings, but the feelings and stories that a hotel unit has to offer us. Thus, it is important to consider all the necessary details. Correct framing, lighting, accentuating furniture and interior décor, are just some of the factors that your photographer should pay attention to.

It is also important not to omit the external areas of the hotel from a hotel photo shoot. The particularities and uniqueness of your hotel’s location should enrich the entire experience that the end consumer will receive. A beautiful view captured in a picture is enough to convince the customer to choose your hotel. Shots with correct symmetries, accurate proportions and appropriate lighting, offer a beautiful aesthetic and atmosphere.

The services you have to offer to your customers, is another important detail that you should not overlook. Highlight the options and activities that will be provided to consumers. Culinary photography, and an event photography are some examples.

The hotel is not just a building – it’s an experience!


Of course, the directorial techniques and skills of the photographer should also be an integral part of hotel photography. The image must clearly show the feelings and images that each room has to “say”. In this way, the photo overflows with emotions and moments.

Hotel photography should therefore be characterized by the pleasant atmosphere and aesthetics of the hotel. Give your customers the feeling of hospitality. Make them feel familiar with your space. The more detailed your image is, the more information the customer will have about your business. So it become way  easier for the consumers convince them to choose you.

A professional photographer must have the ability to combine architectural and advertising photography. The goal is not to make a simple presentation of the facilities of your hotel unit, but to create the feeling of an unforgettable experience!


Refresh your hotel with a professional photo shoot


As we mentioned before, the hotel is an experience good. For this reason, customers must have as clear an image of the product as possible in order to make the final purchase. The purer and higher quality the presence online is, the more the customers will choose your services.

Hotel photography is an investment


In order to increase your sales, refresh your image with a professional hotel photo shoot.

You won’t believe how much hotel photography can change the way you present your business online. Refresh your space and reposition your business in the market easily and quickly. Enhance your online presence by using the services of a professional photographer who will be able to capture all of the above.

A high-quality hotel photo shoot conveys prestige and professionalism. Create beautiful images that showcase and enhance your strengths. But don’t forget! You should not mislead the public. Consistency and honesty are important elements that you should pay attention to.

What else can a hotel photo shoot offer?


The goal is to increase your sales either by attracting new customers or by creating trusting relationships with existing ones. So, through hotel photography you can promote your accommodations and enhance your business reputation.

A hotel photoshoot does not have to be for commercial use only. The photos from the hotel photo shoot can be used in many other ways, apart from the temporary housing rental platforms. For example, you can post the photos on social media and create interaction with your audience, or you can make a complete SEO campaign with beautiful images and texts.

Instafilms: Hotel photography in Greece


Instafilms is a video and photo production company in Greece with many years of experience. Our passion for photography and our professionalism are the tools that bring the best result.

Always guided by our respect for the customer, we try to make their ideas a reality! Our suitably qualified staff and our extensive experience are enough to upgrade your brand name, and create beautiful aesthetics and pictures.

For us, the case of hotel photography is not simple. It requires knowledge and expertise to clearly capture the aesthetics and atmosphere of your place. We have the knowledge and the equipment to take your sales off the ground.

What Instafilms can offer


A hotel photo shoot requires consistency and professionalism. It takes proper adjustment of all the external factors like the right frame, lighting and colors. Instafilms can create images from interior design photography, outdoor photography, up to the promotion of your services such as culinary photography, etc.

Bring your ideas, your taste and aesthetics and leave yourself in our hands! With the right knowledge and our latest technology equipment, we can help you create a beautiful image and strengthen your brand. We provide high quality photos, always tailored to your needs. Discover more here!

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