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    Instafilms is a video production company in Greece that understands that promotion is the key to growing your business. No matter what your product and service are, we produce compelling promotional videos that drive results.
    Let’s use the power of promotional videos to create content that your customers will love.

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About us

Instafilms has been active in the video production in Greece for more than 15 years and has the experience to communicate your brand message with unique corporate videos!

We are a team of professional corporate videographers, sound designers, video editors, lighting and make up artists where each one of us loves our job and wants to offer the best to those who trust us.

Feel free to contact us for creating corporate videos, interview videos, event videos, product videos, short films and all kinds of videos.


We know how to create corporate videos according to the specific characteristics of your business.

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Good evening
from me too!

I love the art of film, I’m fascinated by the philosophy of marketing and I’m fascinated by business. I love my job and I want to constantly improve at it.

As a videographer Athens, Greece, I can take on small corporate productions as well as hire all the necessary technicians to cover larger corporate events.

In personal life, I have a beautiful dog named Box, and two wonderful cats, Tulip and Hazel. I love to go cycling and long walks with my girlfriend, Sophia. 

Alex Stabasopoulos

Videographer Greece

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