1. Will we own the video rights?
Yes, you will own all the video rights after the final delivery.

2. What kind of videos do you produce?
We produce corporate videos, fashion and event videos, commercial spots, recipe and hotel videos.

3. Do you provide photography services?
As a video production company, we have an executive team which is consisted by videographers, photographers, guffers, boomans and make-up artists.

4. How long does it take to delivery?
It depends on the project, usually are needed up to 4 weeks.

5. Do you help with the script?
Yes, we can provide you 2-3 ideas for possible scripts, and then we create a storyboard for your video in order to help you envision the final video.

6. You undertake the licensing for shooting in certain locations?
Yes, we undertake all procedures for issuing receipts for off-site shootings where required such as central squares, archaeological sites as well as we can gain access to places like restaurants, night clubs, depending on the requirements of each project.

7. There are hidden costs?
No there are not hidden costs. Everything is included in the final offer. All the terms and conditions will be crystal clear at the agreement.