Versace for H&M: A momentous event covered by event video company Instafilms

At the time when purchasing power was considerably reduced, H&M in collaboration with the well-known fashion house Versace launched a new seductive collection of clothes. It was about an economic collection that aimed to offer the opportunity to the general public to buy glamorous clothing of the house at affordable prices. Of course, high quality and distinctive design remained as the top priority.

The two giants of the fashion industry joined their forces at an unforgettable event. On the one, H&M which represents fast fashion offers clothes for every budget. On the other hand, Versace designs clothes for a niche market. The team of Instafilms was there to record everything in a special event video. This one-of-a-kind collaboration turned out to be a great celebration that could not fail to attract the interest of the media and the public.

It was definitely worth it.

Everyone was willing to acquire clothes with the brand of this special house, always at affordable prices! Clothes with a strong influence from the 60s, with funky mood. That’s why early birds did their best to buy some of the pieces, ignoring the waiting time and the restrictions of the event planners. It was definitely worth it.

The presence of Greek celebrities at the fashion event was the ideal choice to present the clothes of the collection. Acting as ambassadors, they had an important impact on the young audience.  They talked about their experience with the new collection, encouraging people to spend their money buying classy clothes.

The event was a celebration full of bright colors, uplifting music, freshness, and young people. The scenes captured by event video company were full of energy and a great mood. We recorded the interesting interviews of celebrities and captured the pulse of the evening through a highly alluring video.

After all, the magic of video lies in today’s technology.

The event video can keep real-life …alive during the march of time! The event video of this evening includes an interesting flow and high levels of energy. A combination that carried the pulse of the event. It brought the viewer so close to what he watched, attracting his interest and making him an attendee through his screen. The exciting part is that each viewer can participate in what happens at his own pace. He can watch the content as many times as he wants and through any screen according to his convenience, after all, the magic of video lies in today’s technology. Any device, portable or not that has a screen, is ideal for watching a video.

Let the video speak on your behalf.

If you combine this ability with the number of channels you can use to share it, then you will understand the power of this tool. Simply put, upload the video to your website and share it through social media. Distribute it to your customers through the newsletter, either embedded or through a link. Let the video speak on your behalf. There is no need to spend time in tedious speeches and boring texts. Recent market researches confirm that the vast majority of the audience is more willing to watch a video than to read a text even if the text is really well written and helpful. On the contrary, an alluring video, with attractive sound and immersive flow of scenes keep viewers’ attention.

Can I record every type of event on a video?

Of course! You can record any type of event. The only requirement is your intention to communicate it to your audience in order to enhance the impact of your brand, product, or service. You might even use it to promote your company’s core values and priorities. And why not boost your followers’ loyalty for you who is an influencer even charities can make use of it. It is a great way to present their actions and invite people to support them through the events they organize.

Some indicative categories of events are the following:

  • The launch of a new product, or a range of products, like in the ‘Versacefor H&M’ video.
  • A book launch.
  • The announcement of new business collaboration.
  • The annual corporate meeting. In many multinational companies, the teams are distributed in different parts of the world. Through this annual meeting, the colleagues have the chance to get closer and make the team bonds stronger.
  • Dance competitions.
  • Live performances.
  • Birthdays or anniversaries. Events that you can share with your followers or your fun club to increase your loyalty to your profile.
  • Charity events.

The list is long enough! Every special case related to your needs can be part of it.

How to make the most from an event video company?

As also mentioned above, you can use it in your social media activity. Use it through any channel that suits you according to your needs. Share it on social media creating a post. Inform your customers through the marketing newsletter. Embed it on your homepage so that every visitor comes across, alternatively, let it play on a screen within your company’s premises at a central point or at the meeting rooms. It will certainly draw the attention of your customers and partners during the meetings. Another option is to use it as a background during another event or exhibition enriching your presence. Place a screen at the back of the room and let it grab the eye!

Instafilms is an event video company

Whatever the case, an event video can be very attractive. You can choose the style and the message you want to send through this, all the rest is our job. We have the experience and the know-how to make the videos exciting, engaging, and inspiring! All you have to do is to drop us a line here, telling us about your event plans. Instafilms is an ecent video company who cooperate closely with our customers, listening carefully to their needs.

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