Video Production in Greece

Posted on December 21, 2021

Video Production in Greece. A Trend or An Urge?


Video production can be considered as a descendant of “cinematography”. A combination of Greek words that mean “recording the motion”. Initially, in the 19th century, it was just that. An attempt to visualize the motion. A great innovation that was ahead of the times. But since then, it has evolved into something greater and more valuable than that. Video production worldwide but also in Greece has turned out to be not only a trend but a necessity as well. Every business or freelancer that needs to promote its activity or brand has to make use of this powerful tool!

But, let’s take it from the beginning by examining the types of video content and their role in our lives today.

What Is the Procedure of Video Production?


We are about to welcome 2022 and in our digital daily life, the term “video” has a dominating part. We watch videos on social media and TV, we shoot videos with our smartphones, we share our moments through videos. But, do we know what a video takes to be created? What is needed for a video to ‘go live ‘?  Well, this is all about video production. It is a broad term that includes the entire process of creating a video, such as a music video, a marketing video, a TV commercial, or a short film, to name but a few.

Video production is a sequence of steps. In particular, this is a three-step procedure: pre-production, production, and post-production.

  1. Pre-production: This is a crucial step for the whole procedure if we consider that the most important part of an action is … planning! All the team members work together to define the budget, create a plot and arrange the schedule of the shooting. This is a collaborative effort since professionals of various specialties -like producers, writers, directors, etc.- come together to plan the best version possible of the video.
  2. Production: 3-2-1- Action! This is the creative part of the project. The shooting starts and the team captures audiovisual material that will be the building blocks of the final video.
  3. Post-production: This is the part that needs decisiveness and attention to detail. The assembly of the video is at the hands of the editors, compositors, and sound-mixers. They are responsible for the final touch!


Video Content Types.

These days, the classification of the video production content in types seems to be rather complicated. There are several opinions and approaches. However, in this article due to simplification reasons, we present the content broken down into four broad categories:

v  Feature films.

v  Television video content.

v  Advertising video.

v  Corporate video.


To begin with, the feature film is a type widely known to everyone. The classification is related to the length of the film. In plain terms, we talk about films with the content of all kinds; adventure, drama, comedy, romance, horror, etc. The majority of these films, over 80% of the global market, are produced by the Big Five major studios- Universal PicturesParamount PicturesWarner Bros. PicturesWalt Disney Pictures, and Columbia Pictures.

Next on the list is television. In this category, falls any production by a television studio for broadcasting. However, to tell the truth, the digital era we live in makes the inclusion of the content in this category a little tricky. Hence, we need to consider also the VOD (Video On Demand) content through the internet as television. This means that Netflix or Prime Video by Amazon is still television!

Our skills, know-how, and expertise allow us to create efficient and impactful videos.

Moving on to the next category, we talk about advertising. This is about a traditional procedure in which an advertising company in collaboration with a video production company creates advertising video content for a brand. This is one of the fields that our video production company in Greece, Instafilms, takes action. Our skills, know-how, and expertise allow us to create efficient and impactful videos. We know how to organize the locations, the music compositions, and many other technical issues that are responsible for a successful outcome. Along with the traditional advertisement, you may also consider the digital one. That is video ads on Internet, like those on platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

Click here to watch samples of our work.


The next and most important category for our video production company’s activity is corporate video. This is a category that needs to be analyzed in-depth, since there are many formats under it, with great potential for every business!

Let’s dive into the secrets of Corporate Video Production in Greece.


We have noticed that there has been an explosion of corporate video production demand in Greece. This is a phenomenon that results from the exponential increase in internet speeds allowing for video content to play without distractions. As a result, platforms like Vimeo and YouTube, allow the simplification of the video distribution to the mass market. And a very interesting consequence of this is the preference of the consumers for watching videos of any kind. It is not a paradox if we consider that anyone can watch a video everywhere and in many ways. Are you at the office? Or are you on the way to your work? Or are you stuck in the traffic waiting to return home? Then you can watch a video on your laptop or your tablet, but above all, you can watch a video on your smartphone! This is exactly the reason why the vast majority of the marketeers choose to offer their customers a video tailored to their needs! But it is not only about the demand, it is also about the offer. We should also consider the reduction in costs related to the filming equipment and editing software. This allows us to offer services of high quality and at affordable prices!

Moving on with a deeper analysis of the corporate video we discern various formats. They are related to the internal or external interaction of the company.

In terms of external communication, a company can use any combination or all of the following formats.


About us videos

It is a kind of corporate identity presented as simple and short as needed. The viewer can find out details about the business activity, their values, and their goals.


Events & conferences videos

Their use is incredibly helpful in many ways.

–        Do you want to set the agenda and the tone of the meeting? Start with a kick-off video and make sure that every attendee will get in line.

–         Capture the keynote in a video, either in live streaming or in a recorded video that can be used in various ways later on.

–        Capture an overall video you can use for marketing and promotional reasons. Alternatively, use it as a teaser or as a “save the date” video for the next year’s event.


Case study videos

A satisfied customer is the best advertisement for your brand. Based on this idea, promote your product or service through his eyes. A customer talking about the problem he faced and the way that your product or service helped him to resolve it, can be an inspiration for other prospective customers. In this case, don’t forget that the main character should be a person that the viewer can identify with. Of course, a Call-to-Action part is a key point of this video format.


Explaining videos

It’s true that sometimes explaining details about the use or the features of a product/service ends up being a complex issue. This is why an explainer video can be a creative and pleasant way to give details to a user. Especially when it comes to tech products the situation can be very complicated. Overcome this headache using a video. Present examples, diagrams, and animation elements to make your product user-friendly.


In terms of internal communication, we can propose two formats:

Education and training video

It is a great way to educate your personnel with accuracy and in a time-efficient way. You can train a new employee that needs to go through an onboarding process. Update the skills of your employees to take on new responsibilities. Inform them of new procedures they have to follow on their daily job. In a nutshell, gather in one place the educational material that each user can access at his pace. Don’t waste your productive hours. Keep them efficient using videos!


Management team’s updates & Announcements

This video format promotes employees’ engagement. A memo can have the same target but it doesn’t have the same impact as a video. Keep the personnel focused on your company’s culture and goals in a warm and to-the-point approach.


This is the right time to mention that these are only the basic types and formats of a video. It is important to point out that they are not limited only to the presented ones. Depending on the needs and the particularities of a business, we can adjust the content and the technical parts accordingly.

A Variety of Techniques Leads to Impactful Results.


Apart from the types and formats of a video, it would be meaningful to mention some of the various techniques used in it. Each one of them serves a purpose, making the video more fruitful.

First of all, technology allows the use of animation, which is a very interesting way to send our message. It is a familiar approach with multiple alternatives that seem to have a great influence on the viewer.

As a supplementary tool, we can incorporate graphics that provide detail and a more rounded view of the subject.

Further to the above, the idea of interaction within the video flow seems to increase the engagement rate significantly. This means that the viewer has the chance to interact with additional content while he is watching the video. It works perfectly with retail videos that sell a product. This content gives additional information on demand and makes the purchase easier only with a few clicks.

Based on your needs

An alternative shooting for adventurous minds is the shooting from above! A drone or a helicopter provides aerial visuals that serve special requirements.

Based on your needs, we propose the necessary techniques that enrich the content of your video.

You can watch some of our corporate videos here.

This is the target of Video Production (Greece, Athens)!


So far so good! But how video production can help your company’s growth? The answer is simple: By increasing your brand’s awareness and your sales, while enhancing your customers’ loyalty.

An ‘About us’ or ‘Case study’ video, for example, brings your brand closer to the customers, letting them know about your activity. It is a great way to introduce your company to the audience.

An ‘explaining video’, for example, can be used to provide extra info that will define if the customer will buy a product or not during the purchase process. Even after the sale, this video format can provide after-sales support or solutions to fix a possible problem.

What Lies Ahead?


Currently, video production in Greece, Athens is not only a means of entertainment but also helps us to keep ourselves updated. In the business world, it is a unique way to enhance business activity, irrespectively of the company size. It helps entrepreneurs to present their business, increases brand awareness and customers’ loyalty, provides clarifications and customer support, builds and strengthens employees’ team spirit. It is a multifaceted tool with great possibilities that need to be used properly and with expertise.


Looking at the future, we cannot ignore today’s observations.

Based on surveys and data analysis, users tend to watch videos without sound as observed on LinkedIn and Facebook.

Smartphones play a remarkable part in video consumption. Users choose to watch videos anytime and everywhere.

The short content is getting more and more popular. Maybe it is related to the fast pace of our daily life!

Live streaming is also a very powerful tool that is preferred by over 50% of users.

People are getting more and more interested in gaining new skills. Therefore, are looking for tutorials and educational videos.

All the above are tendencies that we need to take into consideration. They will help us to create content with impact. The world changes over time and we cannot change it. But we can certainly affect people’s views about our businesses through video production!

Contact us and ask for your special offer! Our experience and our passion for videography guarantee a result that suits your needs. We are also open to comments or questions that will help you to learn more about our work.

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