Video Production Company in Athens: Learn How and Where to Create the Most Effective Video.

If you just landed on this page, you’re probably in the process of preparing your new video. It’s high time you made critical decisions, dealt with planning, and all the related details that will make the difference. So, you may already think of including Athens, among your alternatives. And who is going to be the ideal partner for your project? Which locations would be perfect to promote your service, product, or idea? If you want to achieve the best possible result, you should choose the right video production company in Athens. The right partner will help you find the ideal locations and plan properly the whole procedure of video production. Knowing the secrets of shooting in Athens, they should be experienced enough to provide you with a high-standard video. Keep reading this post and you are going to find interesting details on filming in Athens.

First of all, it is useful for you to know that Athens is a city with bright light, a mild climate, and many, many different images. Starting from the downtown, you can find neighborhoods and places with an urban style, historical monuments, and picturesque, natural landscapes. You can also find buildings and structures built according to modern, imposing architecture. Moving around Athens, you can also find mountainous settlements with picturesque images and natural beauty that will give you a sense of warmth. In case you are looking for waterside sceneries, be sure that the southern side of the city will excite you. This is where you can find plenty of glamorous places, full of positive energy! In short, Athens is a multidimensional city that covers every taste and needs. Keep reading to get some ideas that will surely help you clear up your thoughts.

Video Production Company in Athens: The Most Attractive Places for Appealing Content


As I mentioned above, Athens is a city with many faces and images. The following parts are indicative and in no case are the only ones that can give a great background to your video.

Anafiotika in Plaka    

Starting from the city center, Anafiotika in Plaka is a very small quarter with delightful images, like those of a postcard. The style of the area is similar to a Greek island, with white houses and narrow alleys. The flowers and pots complement the image and take the visitor to another era. Nothing resembles that the main boulevards of the busy capital are just a few kilometers away.

         The stairs in Castella         

The area of Kastella is built on a hill with many uphill streets. Over time, they gave way to stairs. A special architectural element that differentiates the place, giving special character to the neighborhoods of the area.

Marathon Lake

It is an artificial lake created in 1931 as the main water source for Athens. Although the water supply of the city has changed today, the Lake of Marathon remains a landscape with natural beauty and a particular variety of vegetation. The distinct wetland is unique to several species.

Here it is important to mention that apart from the places I mention, you can find many more in the city of Athens as well as around it. The history of Athens begins almost 3200 years BC. which makes it one of the oldest cities in the world. Numerous monuments testify to the evolution and justify the special energy the visitor feels.

In conclusion, I would like to highlight two elements that make filming in Athens easier. One is the warm climate, with warm summers and mild winters. The second one is the long duration of daylight. Both of them contribute to creating quality videos with ease and without delays.

What Type of Video Can You Film in Athens?

Due to the diversity of its terrain and its images, Athens is the ideal city to host the filming of all video types. With easy access from the air, you can quickly and easily get there and access everything it offers. More specifically, in a radius of just a few kilometers, you will find mountain ranges, lakes, coastal landscapes, urban environments, and many, many more. Add to that the picturesque neighborhoods, the history, and the hospitality of the people, and the destination becomes ideal for whatever you ideate.

So, what can you showcase through your filming in Athens? Everything! Whether it’s a consumer product, a service, or the philosophy of a non-profit organization.

The choices and ideas are countless for both a travel agency or music production company, as well as sports or consumer products companies. Instafilms, as a video production company in Athens, knows to highlight the philosophy of every product, service, or idea, utilizing the most appropriate place in the city.

Instafilms – Video Production Company in Athens

Outdoor video production indeed enables the creation of highly attractive content. However, there is a set of challenges that come with it. So, it’s important to prepare well for possible weather rotations, swings of brightness, and disturbing sounds. There are alternatives techniques that we can follow and ensure the desired result. Also, when it comes to shooting at a location that requires a permit, you need to be pretty organized and careful with the local procedures.

For all these and many more details that will make a difference, Instafilms offers you its services. Our experience as a video production company in Athens has provided us with knowledge and confidence that has an impact on our work. If you combine it with our love of video recording, then you already understand that we can offer high-quality video, with professionalism and economy. The needs of every customer and every shooting are our guide to the process we will follow. Each case is unique to us and we treat it uniquely. That’s why we choose to communicate with our customers directly and honestly.


For any questions you may have, don’t hesitate to contact us here. We are always available to listen to the customer’s needs since this is the way, we manage to create the best possible result that satisfies both sides. Ask for your offer today and ensure a quality video that will fit your needs perfectly.


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