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Hotel promotional videos to fuel your brand!

Promotional videos customized for your hotel can help your business grow and reach new markets. In our digital world, engaging visual content is a good way for your hotel brand to stand out. Out of the different available types of visual content, promotional videos should top your list.

A compelling promotional video tells your own story. It is your hotel’s personal statement. At the same time, it helps your customers relate to your brand. While content quality plays a crucial role, the production quality and the technical aspects of the promotional video are also important. The reason for that is that the high production quality of hotel promotional videos can be correlated with more trust and high quality of services. This is exactly the point where our collaboration with you as your trusted “video partner” begins.

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The Margi hotel: a family story in a unique promotional video

Let us introduce you to the promotional video we created for The Margi hotel. A fairy-tale in the heart of the Athenian Riviera. The Margi is a luxury boutique hotel with years of history. The Margi hotel started as a family business and it still remains a family business. For this reason, we made sure to create a hotel promotional video that does more than showcasing services and facilities. The hotel management’s trust and collaboration is an honour for our team.
The promotional video we made tells the story of The Margi hotel. A story linked with the history of the family behind it. There are many elements that make a video unique and for this reason, for us, promotional videos can be a piece of art too!
 In the hotel’s promotional video, the voice of the narrator at the beginning of the video, the personal elements, the introduction of the key members of staff, the hotel’s farm and the background music played an equally important role. They created a unique brand identity of a hotel that feels more like home and a big family than simply a luxury hotel!
Watch the promotional video of The Margi and delve into its magical world. And remember: you can also use the power of compelling video content to tell your own story or the one of your project. We will be more than happy to help you with a  promotional video tailor made for your hotel or any kind of business.


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