Promo Video for Instagram

Posted on December 12, 2021

Video is the future of social media, but it is also the now of social media!

In Instafilms we know how to create promotional video for social media, like Promo Videos for Instagram, of the correct size, so they perform in the best way especially on smartphones. We know how to make attention-grabbing content that holds more attention for your viewers. We know how to make enjoyable videos without sound since the vast majority of them are watched on mute. According to surveys, 85% of the videos on Facebook are watched having the sound off.

Trust us and let us tell your story

Elements and tricks like adding words on the screen or verbal cues, make the promotional videos for social media entertaining and engaging. In this category you can watch some sample videos we have prepared for you! The high quality, the attention to detail, and the professional approach are always our priorities. In Instafilms we love creating engaging videos, that catch the eye immediately and entice users. We know how important it is to draw in people from the first seconds since they are very likely to move on. We know the secret of creating engaging promotional videos for social media. The key is to create an intimate, immersive experience. Trust us and let us tell your story through a short promotional video. The script is an integral part of the video. Get to the point in a smart end enjoyable way.

A promotional video for social media as like promo videos for Instagram, can help your company to increase your awareness, by increasing the sessions of your site. People watch many videos during the day and this is why your video has to stand out from the mass. It is the first step to bring the customer to your doorstep.

But is it enough? Of course, not! Using videos in your social media marketing strategy you can manage to keep loyal customers. In a nutshell, through promotional videos for social media, you can introduce your business to new customers, grab the interest of the audience and keep customers loyal to your brand.

Free hints & tips for amazing social media videos

  • Keep your videos short & fun.
  • Attach great importance to the first few seconds. They are crucial to catch the viewer’s eye.
  • Use subtitles if there is any talk.​
  • At the end of the video don’t miss to incite the viewer to act (call to action)

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