360 VR promo tours: a new era!

Times change and so do the needs of your target group. Nowadays it is all about visuals. However, with 360 VR promo tours there is much more to visualization!

The fresh way to promote your business!

In our digital world, 360 VR is the ideal and fresh way to promote your business. Why not enter this world? Feel free to watch the 360 VR promo tour we created for Santorini Summer Lovers and get inspired! You just have to dream of a new chapter for your business promotion. For the rest, the Instafilms team will be there to turn your dream into reality! Through 360° video technology, potential customers will explore your premises no matter where they are.

Real-life quality and limitless flexibility!

360 VR promo tours can showcase everything from services to accessories, to clothes, work of arts and hotels. 360 VR promo tours can give direct links to your e-shop or online booking system with one click. The power of 360 VR promo tours makes your business accessible all over the world. Through virtual tours, visitors roam around your premises, browse your merchandise and imagine their holidays at your hotel. They can even use avatars which will guide them through your premises and make suggestions on your products. And all this, without any cost for you as visits at your premises can now be unlimited and free of charge.

360 VR promo beyond common ads.

To enhance visibility, your 360 VR promo tours can offer direct links to your Facebook and Instagram accounts. Also, do not forget to connect your business to Google Maps so as for the users to know your exact location. The user experience can be further enhanced through multi language settings. Depending on where in the world the 360 VR video ad is reproduced, users can experience in the language they prefer. Moreover, the 360 VR promo tours can become available both on desktop and mobile device.

Santorini Summer Lovers found great marketing success through an immersive ad campaign. Immersing viewers using 360° video technology, they allowed potential customers to experience how it feels to enjoy their stay with them from checking in to lounging by the pool. The fact that people can view on mobile and desktop, enabled the campaign to reach more people and perform better.

For memorable experiences, you can always try to use all our resources. More specifically, you can always play your own advertising spots created by us with care through the TV’s displayed on the virtual tour of your premises. It would be also great to connect more than one drones for better shots. For a truly spectacular VR promo, dedicated to your business!