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Posted on April 23, 2021



Technology is all around us! It has entered our lives for good and as it evolves it changes the way we live and make business. This is the reason why the video and its use, as a means of technology, constantly increases its dynamics. So when it met the food market, then food video production was born. By this definition, we describe the production of videos that aim to promote food products or services (even drinks) and give a boost to growth in every food-related business.

How is this possible? Using cooking videos that include the products or services we need to promote. And this is only an alternative. There are many more ways we can make use of it. According to surveys, the video is proved to be a particularly powerful way to convey information. The suitable combination of image and sound seems to have a special resonance to the audience. That’s why businesses make use of it with the ultimate goal of increasing their sales and their revenue accordingly.

There are various businesses or freelancers who deal with food. Do you produce food or drinks? Do you have a restaurant? Are you a chef? Or do you produce food raw materials? Whatever is your role, then you have many reasons to use food video production.


Before anything else, recent researches prove that more and more people are watching videos online! Actually, more than ever! This is an ideal condition for a video to be effective. Since your audience is growing, the video that describes or promotes your product/service can have a great impact. More people to watch, more opportunities for sales!

Secondly, smartphones are very convenient for people to watch videos from anywhere! Literally! Even 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. What does it mean? Constant contact with customers, of course! In this way, customers stay more engaged and consistent with your product or service.

In addition, a suitable combination of image and sound can be the ideal way to approach the customer. More than any other means. It doesn’t require any effort for the audience, like reading for example. No special training is necessary. Consequently, there are not any conditions that limit your audience. It doesn’t matter the age, the cognitive level, or the origin of the viewer. The sequence of images and sounds conveys your message instantly and simply to anyone.

Furthermore, it is an exceptional tool for telling your story. Simple, short, or more concise, it can give the information in-depth as the occasion requires. Depending on the needs, the video is configured and customized appropriately. A longer video can be more explanatory. But a shorter one can be suitable to grasp the interest and ignite the spark of longing to the viewers!

Besides, a well-made video can make your product seems alive in front of the viewers’ eyes. No other medium can make it happen. You can almost taste it! Only life itself can be more realistic than a video!


Any company or freelancer that does business in the food market.

Are you a chef? Promote your work by cooking a recipe in front of the camera. This is a great way for you to gain more followers, increase the sales of your book, or promote the products of your partner company.

Do you have a restaurant? Share with the world a recipe that you know is tasty and most loved to promote your business. Through it you will have the opportunity to show your place, to share your ideas, and present your values. When the audience acquires intimacy and sympathy, they are more likely to trust you. This is how they will choose your place to have their meal.

For companies that produce raw materials, food and beverages, video production is an excellent tool. You can choose to focus on a dominant product that best stands for your activity. Alternatively, you can create different videos for each one of your products. Take the opportunity and make your product stands out from the competition. A good idea is to embed the video in your charity campaign. Or even in your campaign through which you help to solve a wider global problem, e.g. malnutrition, environmental pollution, etc.

However, let us know your product/service and a respective recipe. We will take care of everything else. We have both the knowledge and the experience to choose the right scenery, internal or external. To create the plot and reach the goal. And all these, combined with the most hi-tech means that guarantee an excellent result. Don’t stand unresolved. Reach us through our email and let us know your ambition. We are eager to help you to go much further!


By choosing the right placement of the product in the video, we manage to promote your brand and make it recognizable by customers. At the same time, by adding the appropriate music, we create a very attractive result! No logical argument is more powerful than pure desire. Our videos bring back memories making them vivid. Our videos make viewers almost taste what they see! If you want a representative piece of our work, you can have a taste here.

Another approach is the production of a food video series related to the products of a food business. The inclusion of the videos in the advertising campaign will add great value to it!

Alternatively, we can help a new product to make a dynamic entry in the market. A video adjusted exclusively on it will give the information that the customers need. Why is the product useful to them? What need does it meet? How can its use change their lives? Present it to the audience and let the video play over and over again, familiarizing them with your product or service. The video will be there to give answers. Every view will give the opportunity to the customer to notice more and more key points.

Considering all the above, it is clear that food video production provides great benefits to your business.

Investing in it will bring back increased revenues. How?

  • Start with the home page of your website. Add a snippet of your video to direct the visitor to the desired product or service. More views, more opportunities to sell them.
  • Share it on social media and hold contests. A few seconds of viewing are enough to attract interest.
  • Add it to your newsletter. Do not wait for the visitor to search for your product or service. Get to him in an eye-catching email using original food videos.

Food and video technology can get together and have a great impact! Both of them are irresistible. Imagine what their combination can achieve.

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