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Script video

The video of this page is a script video created by Instafilms.  A private business that provides health care can take great advantage of video production to enhance the business’s growth.

Most importantly, though, we promote the philosophy and the values of your business that make you stand out from the competition. The key target of a physiotherapist is to provide relief to the patient with professionalism and expertise using hit-tech medical equipment if possible. The patient should feel confident that after physiotherapy he will be able to return to his normal life as it was before. Many times, an accident or a disease creates feelings of disappointment or even desperation. This is why a physiotherapist’s job is not an easy task. He has to take care of the patient, both physically and psychologically.


Having watched the script video you will realize that the flow of the video is smooth and the content simply structured. Through this corporate video production in Greece, we present the physiotherapist to act in a professional and friendly way. He also pays exclusive attention to his patient using top-quality equipment and always in private. All these scenes are purposely selected to create a feeling of trust. Every patient needs to feel that his physiotherapist will be at his side to encourage him and treat him with care.

On the one hand, this video can successfully increase your awareness to the audience. Presenting your facilities and your equipment while you are practicing physiotherapy is the first step to introduce your business. On the other hand, the inclusion of scenes that present special techniques or special medical equipment creates trust. We all need a physiotherapist that takes care of our problem with attention and knowledge of his job!

It is always tailor-made!

Every scene we include is wisely selected to showcase the features that stand out. We want to send the message that this professional meets the patient’s needs. Of course, we should point out, that every video is different and we can adjust it to every professional’s specialty. It is always tailor-made!

Moreover, please note that we can enrich the content with testimonials or even with the physiotherapist to play the first role. How? Presenting his business and his facilities himself. It is an intimate and direct way to approach his prospective clients. Everything is possible!

And of course, we cannot omit to mention that the visual elements are successfully combined with audio ones i.e., music background. The proper music makes the video complete and impactful.


As a physiotherapist, you can add information that will be valuable to the patients. To name but a few:

–        Co-operation with public medical insurance, private clinics, insurance companies. People feel calm when they know that their insurance (medical or private) can cover even a part of their expenses. And most importantly they feel better when their involvement in bureaucracy is limited.

–        Co-operation with charities or NPOs that showcase your social responsibility.

–        Expertise in injuries or special categories, e.g. athletes, elders, etc.

–        Expertise in special techniques that are considered innovative.



Corporate video production in Greece can create a great impact on your business! It is an investment that will return multiples of the initial amount.


  1. Audiovisual content has a great impact on people’s brains. It is digestible, convincing, creates emotions and trust, and motivates.
  2. It is easily sharable on social media. Use it in many ways. On your website, Facebook, Instagram, or even on the platforms like Yellow Pages. Only photos or texts are not enough…
  3. Let your video play on a screen in your facilities. It creates trust and improves your prestige! A professional that creates a corporate video seems to pay attention to detail and makes him stand out!
  4. If you add your profile to platforms that promote professionals, like LinkedIn or Doctoranytime, a corporate video will certainly add points to it!


We are a great team of experienced professionals, with a love for our job! Instafilms knows how to give prominence to the strengths of the promoted business. We respect our customers’ trust by giving back the most impactful videos. Get in touch with us for any question or comment, by sending your email. We will be happy to provide clarifications and an offer that suits your needs.

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