Posted on May 1, 2020

Instafilms is a promotional video company

A promotional video company is your most effective partner for you to create the content and to connect with your target audience. We appreciate the power of video for the promotion of a brand’s product and services. Therefore, we are committed to creating video content that generates revenue and recognition for your brand.

Contec Constructions: a promotional video showcasing luxury

Contec constructions is a creative and innovative company in the field of chalet constructions. We collaborated with them as their “video partners” to create a promotional video for the ambitious Mount Parnassus project.

What are videos for advertising all about?

During the creation of the promotional video for The Mount Parnassus Project, we found inspiration in the beauty of wilderness and the elegance of the residencies that the company builds. We believe that a compelling promotional video can inspire action. Therefore, we created a video for advertising that really inspires the potential customers to dream more, dream bigger and dream better.
The Parnassus Project video showcases the company’s aesthetic values, incomparable design and quality of construction. Above all, it is original and authentic. This promotional video was a massive success and was one of the advertising projects that we hold dear. Additionally, it currently sits as a piece of flagship at the website of Contec constructions.
A piece of evergreen video content like this can be invaluable when engaging leads and closing sales. Moreover, a promotional video continues to work hard for as long as you use it. A compelling video for advertising purposes can become a marketing tool you can use every day. You can use the power of video to turn website traffic into customers and inquiries into sales.
Our experienced team has a solution for everyone. Watch the video of Contec constructions and get inspiration for your company’s promotional video. No matter what your company and field of expertise is, we believe that we can create a video that matches your advertising needs.
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