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Commercial Video Production: Mr. Nikos discloses his secret for success

If you want to make fresh orange juice, you need… fresh oranges!But if you want to promote your product or service, what do you think you need? A commercial video with a professional approach is exactly what you are looking for! Do you know why? Before you get your answer just take only one minute and watch this commercial video. It’s a great sample of how we can use commercial video production to achieve impactful results. Using a humorous scenario, we intend to present the power of a video in the interest of your brand. The image’s sharpness, the clear sounds, the plot are only some of the elements that can make a video appealing.  Keep reading and you are going to find much more details.

What makes a video stand out.

A good video is like a good book; thus, it is essential to be well written. It is all about a story that you need to communicate in the most effective way. You need a clever plot that will be pleasant and flowing. And then, it should stir up strong appealing emotions. This is the way that the audience will remain focused till the end of the video. And consequently, will be motivated to buy your product or service. Simplicity and clarity are also important to help you send your message without misunderstandings. But keep always in mind that the key strength is your truth! Enclose it in your video and you can be sure that the viewer will receive it. This will make the result exceptional and will add points to your endeavor.

In this video, we have decided to make use of a familiar character that will send our message to the audience. The likable appearance of the aged farmer, Mr. Nikos is suitable to promote a natural product, a fresh orange juice. His age is connected to experience and knowledge. A connection that creates trust and familiarity to the viewer. And then, the setting is natural, just like the product. It is a very good way to talk about a natural product, presenting it from a natural setting.

In order we combine the person with nature, we preferred a cheerful and simple plot. You cannot have fresh orange juice without fresh oranges. And you cannot find any fresher than those on the trees! That simple! This is why Mr. Nikos squeezes the oranges as they are, on the trees. This element of exaggeration is as much as it should be to point out the freshness of the products. It also creates pleasant feelings for the audience.

The birds are tweeting, while you can hear Mr. Nikos stepping on the ground.

Apart from these obvious features mentioned above, there are some others that embrace them. These are suitable to make the outcome complete, attractive, and impactful. Pay attention to the sounds. There is no background music. You can hear only the natural sound. The birds are tweeting, while you can hear Mr. Nikos stepping on the ground. The sun offers natural light that no stage light can be compared with.  All the images and sounds make this experience alive.

You almost feel like you are also there. You accompany Mr. Nikos, you walk among the orange trees, you smell the oranges. The sunlight warms your body. The birds are so close to you that you can see them. You are part of the scenery. And in the end, you feel like tasting a fresh orange juice. Yes, why not? A fresh orange juice. And the desire was just born! That was the precious secret of our video. Every single detail matters when we talk about a commercial video!

How to make the first step to commercial video production?

The Instafilms team is your right partner. We know how to create exceptional content of high quality. We are highly professional, fast, and adaptable and we pay attention to the detail, act with flexibility and provide service of high standards. You can picture an idea and we are going to capture it! We create content that suits your needs. And when it comes to creativity, the sky is our limit! Contact us to find out how we can help you to boost your revenue. Let us know about your expectations and your goals and we will come back with our proposals.

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