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Marketing video by Instafilms: The Integral Part of The Corporate Identity.


“Who am I?”, a simple and at the same time a complex universal question that has remained relevant for centuries. But why is this question relevant to the business world? And even more, how is the marketing video related?

Despite the industrial revolution and technological development, we are still trying to recognize and define ourselves. Each of us struggles to find the pieces that make up our existence. In short, everything revolves around our self-knowledge. Little by little it is proved to be the most durable basis for every edifice in our lives to endure. It seems, therefore, that as important as it is for each of us to know ourselves, it is also for a business. After all, this is how the concept of corporate identity was born. It is a key element of a business that must be clear before it even starts its activity. Why? Because this is the only way for the business to survive, evolve and leave a unique imprint on the world.

The company that acknowledges and highlights its values, stands out from the competition.


In practice, every business makes choices that represent and express its values and goals. They are expressed in any communicative way. In the corporate name, logo, tagline, social media, public relations, and through every single activity. That is why the message must be clear and recognizable. If the company wants to achieve this goal, it is important to utilize the tool of video production. Experts believe that its influence on marketing is constantly growing. The exciting part is that its role is multifaceted and can be used in different ways.

3 Key Reasons Why Corporate Video Makes Digital Marketing Achieve The Goal.


Initially, a corporate video can be an integral part of the way a business is introduced through its website, social media, or emails. In just a few minutes, a business introduces itself, projecting its values and everything that characterizes it. And what is the value-added of a video? The audiovisual elements. Research shows that the audiovisual approach is more friendly to the user’s brain. In other words, a user would choose to watch a video rather than read an extensive text. So, in a few minutes, we manage to gain the interest of our prospective customers and take the first step in our brand’s awareness.

Also, the customer positively evaluates a corporate video. Why? Because in this way the company proves its ability to adapt to the digital age and to derive the most from it. A business accustomed to technology is the right partner! He can save our time and money!

Another positive element is the sense of intimacy left by watching a video. The viewer feels closer to what he sees, as he can see faces and images. This combination creates a sense of trust. Especially for companies like Marinair, which operates all over the world, a video proves that the company is more than an address and a phone. It is the people who make up the business and have a face! Thus, any customer or partner who approaches the business even for the first time will become less hesitant about its existence.

A video can indeed convince by removing doubts, giving prestige, and declaring professional self-confidence. Through the projection of the video, the company presents to anyone interested in its identity and character in a simple and easily digestible way.

Marinair’s marketing video by Instafilms.

Through this collaboration, we took the opportunity to prove that video as a tool is completely usable and adaptable. The choices are unlimited and only the desires can limit them.

In this particular case, Marinair is introduced to the public. Simply and understandably, the company presents who they are and what they do. More specifically, within a few minutes, it becomes clear what the company offers, to whom it is addressed, and what is its competitive advantage. They complete their message by inviting the prospective customer or partner to action. They invite them to contact them.

We chose to present the company through its office space. They were the employees who starred in the video. With the power of this audiovisual tool, we brought the prospective partner to the business through his screen. This first step creates intimacy in the viewer and is decisive for the sequel. It attracts interest and creates a natural curiosity to learn more.

We also wanted to promote the values and character of the company.

The moments from everyday work show on the one hand the human side and on the other the impeccable, professional approach. Every role, every position, every competence is equally important. It brings knowledge and experience. It is an integral link in the chain of services offered by the company. The dedication and responsibility of the employees, as shown in the video stream, guarantee a unique, quality result. Of course, it is a business with a human face, as shown at the scenes of cooperation with a good mood and smile.

Then, technology in every expression, machine or software, is a characteristic feature of the services offered by Marinair. With precision and flexibility, each stage of transport ensures the safety of the merchandise and the speed of delivery. All possible means of transport are presented clearly and sequentially.

The image, the colors, the alternation of images are carefully selected to send a clear message to the viewer. Marinair pays attention to detail and its people. Every single scene describes clearly and eloquently all these that the company would like to say in words.


The Instafilms team is your right partner.

Our experience and knowledge are our tools, but our passion for filming is our motive! We know that video has a very strong influence in our days, the digital era. We know how to listen to the global pulse and make positive use of this tool. Through the qualitative result of our work, we seek to create a positive impact on the world.

Every day we become better to offer only the best to our customers. The impeccable professional result is our goal every time. The satisfaction of our customers is our satisfaction as well. Come to us! Contact us here and give us a chance to listen to you. We are by your side for any questions or queries. We have solutions for every business, making sure we adapt to your needs.



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