The ultimate promo video for Exi Experience

Promo videos are undoubtedly the most effective way to promote your products and services, offering unlimited benefits to your brand.

At Instafilms, our goal is to enhance your online presence through a comprehensive presentation of both your business and your philosophy. In this way, you increase your visibility and therefore your chances for sales.

Exi Experience, in this collaboration, has chosen to promote its new service – transportation with wooden bicycles in Santorini! In this way, can directly communicate the message they want to convey to consumers, as well as the company’s philosophy.

promo videoPros of a promo video

A video like this can be used in many ways. From posting on your website, social media, offices, front desks, and even in general business display areas such as hotels, travel agencies, airports, ships, etc.


More views on search engines

It is proven that search engines love videos. So this is the reason why they appear in the highest part of the search results. By adding promo videos to your site, you automatically become the favorite partner of search engines such as Google, YouTube, etc.

Increase Conversions

An attractive and well-shot promo video can significantly increase your conversions by up to 70%! This percentage is extremely high and can be very easily achieved by simply adding a few videos to your site’s content. In this way, you make your website more interactive, thereby inviting your customers to make a conversion.

Increase traffic

In addition to placing the videos on your site, you can also share them on social media! Social media is used daily by millions of users, who have now become extremely demanding in terms of the quality of content they want to watch. So by investing in a promo video, you show professionalism and consistency. Users will thus start to share your content, strengthening your brand awareness, but also the traffic to your site.

Get direct with the consumers

Promo videos, in essence, aim to directly promote your products, services, and generally your business to your consumers. So, without unnecessary words, you can immediately offer the message you want to get across and help your customers better understand your philosophy. Your communication is thus more direct and offers a complete and healthy relationship between you.

promo video

Professional video services from Instafilms

At Instafilms, we always aim for the highest possible quality of our videos. For this reason, we spend a lot of time with each client individually, so that we can understand the philosophy of their business, to capture it as best as possible in the videos we create.

So all the services we provide are tailor-made for each of you individually. At Instafilms we guarantee you high-quality videos, which strengthen your corporate identity and increase your visibility. In addition, you gain an advantage over your competitors, since through video promos you create a mutual relationship of trust between your business and your customers.

Invest in promotional videos, and refresh the image of your business

Give new life to your brand through promotional and corporate videos that enhance your image. A professional videographer can highlight all the features of your products and services uniquely. A promo video can very quickly lead your business to achieve the goals you have set.

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