Promotional video for YouTube

With the rise of social media, video advertising is considered a must-have for all businesses. So a business that wants to have a complete presence on the internet, it is necessary to invest in a promotional video for YouTube.

YouTube is now the 2nd largest search engine worldwide, with over 2 billion monthly users! This is an extremely large percentage of users that use this particular platform. So by creating a promotional video for YouTube, you can promote your business to millions of users, thereby increasing your potential customers.

If you’re still not convinced about how important it is to create a promotional video for YouTube, we only have to mention that only the 9% of small businesses have a YouTube account. So, seize this opportunity, and gain the ultimate competitive advantage!

promotional video for YouTube

3+1 types of videos for your YouTube business channel

Have you decided that you want to start doing business on this platform and you don’t know what kind of videos need to upload? The Instafilms team is here for you, suggesting 3+1 types of videos that every business should post on their YouTube channel.

1. Product and service videos

List your audience with the products and services you offer to them. A promotional video for YouTube should clearly and directly show all the benefits that the consumer is going to gain from you. So, show a complete picture of what your final product will look like.

Pro Tip! Use all the elements that make up your corporate identity (such as logo, colors, font, slogan, etc.)

2. “How to” video

How-to videos are videos that explain to the audience how they can use your products and services. These videos are a very powerful digital marketing tool, as they increase awareness and provide prestige to your business, as you give the impression of good customer service.

3. Frequently Asked Questions video

These videos are explanatory videos with the most frequently asked questions of consumers. So collect these questions, and create a simple, but above all, direct video, which will give all the necessary answers. In this way, you get “closer” to your audience and gain their trust.

4. “Get to know us better” videos

This technique is one of the most effective marketing methods for retaining your existing customers. To create a video in which you introduce your team to the general public, instantly gaining their trust since the “tight roles” between businesses and consumers are removed.

Promotional video for YouTube: The Most Profitable Investment for Your Business

After we have sufficiently analyzed all the benefits that a promotional video for YouTube can offer to your business, it is necessary to refer to the professionalism that these videos should have.

A professional videographer can highlight all the special features of your business uniquely. It is therefore important to have a fairly neat image of your company online. A sketchy image can have the opposite effect, so pay close attention to this!

Complete video services by Instafilms

At Instafilms we provide complete solutions for promoting your business online. We create unique videos, from commercials, and corporate videos, to events, fashion, recipe videos, and more. To learn more about our videos, you can click here.

All the videos we create are exclusively designed for each of our clients individually, which is why we take the time to deeply understand your philosophy and your vision.

So do not hesitate to contact us here, a follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

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