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When Marianna Gillespie Μet Edox!

What can make a professional or a brand successful? I guess that the secret combination is not that secret anymore. Hard work with dedication, patience, attention to detail, proper planning, and discipline are the elements of success. But are these enough for a brand to make the difference? The truth is that love and passion for what we do can make us stand out. To reach our limits and move on beyond them. And passion leads to expertise. A quality that characterized my collaboration with Edox, the leading watch manufacturer, and Marianna Gillespie, a freediver with countless achievements. Both sides are top-notch in their field and I had the pleasure to work with them. We cooperated on this Edox promotional video in Greece, creating an amazing promotional video for their digital channels. The experience, the impeccable professionalism, and the good mood were the guarantee for an excellent result.

A Few Words About the Protagonists


Before I go any further, I want to mention some details about the protagonists of this video, Marianna Gillespie and Edox. Two partners who are not accidentally in the first place of their category. Each of them has a unique history, but they share the same passion for what they do. And this is not the only common element. They have both broken world records in their way!

Marianna through her official website www. mariannagillespie. com  introduces herself to the audience starting as follows:

Marianna Gillespie is a Russian born French competitive freediver. Three times ranked World No. 1, two times World Champion, she is also winner of the Vertical Blue competition.

She is a woman who fell in love with freediving when it entered her life by chance during the last years of her studies. The conditions were the proper ones for her talent to be expressed. A talent that led her endeavors to unique achievements. She proved through her successful journey that you can’t avoid shining when you do what you deeply love! Visit her site and discover many more details about her career in sport and beyond it.

what is worth mentioning from my own experience with Marianna is her impeccable attitude and discipline as a partner and professional. The atmosphere of collaboration was pleasant and friendly. As a result, we had excellent communication. It was her way that made the process so smooth and effortless! She fully understood the requirements of shooting and this is why she executed everything she was asked to do with naturalness and professionalism. Thank you so much, Marianna! It was an enjoyable collaboration!

In freediving, accuracy in measuring time is crucial.

Even the second counts for every breath! And Edox knows this better than anyone! It’s more than just a watch manufacturer. It is a partner that listens carefully to the athletes’ needs. It is a Swiss company that for more than 130 years has been engaged in the manufacture of reliable watches for special conditions and requirements. They have managed to associate the creation of a handmade watch with their brand’s quality and innovation. They pay attention to detail and ultimate precision.

Every watch is a handmade masterpiece made for performance by skilled watchmakers. Their designs are unique and recognizable making them stand out at the first sight. Edox implemented innovative ideas by creating watches with great water resistance and innovative specifications for unique athletic performance in and out of the water. It is a company of high quality at every step of the manufacturing process. From designing to assembling and after-sales treatment of their artifacts.


It is no coincidence to have been chosen as the official timekeeper of various competitions and races around the globe. Visit their official website and learn more about the history and their products www.edox.ch.


Every Video Production Is a Unique Journey


The video production process consists of specific steps (here you can find our relevant article www.instafilms.eu/video-production-in-athens), but each production has distinct requirements. It is as special as each customer and product.

Edox provided us with instructions and requirements about the video and we as a production company provided a set of options to the customer. We presented them ideal locations from beautiful places in Greece with exotic beauty. Based on our experience, we identify and select places that highlight the content of every video. This is exactly what we did also in this case.

In the proposal locations, we’ve also included places that require special permission to take shots, such as archaeological sites and other places that require a permit. The licensing costs we provide to the customer from the beginning help him to make a decision having definite data.

For this commercial video production in Greece

we used cinema equipment to ensure the impeccable aesthetic result. The pre-production process is very important for the final version of the video. That’s why we did test shots a few days before the day of filming, to find the right image. The one that will present better aesthetically the desired result. We also visited all the locations before the recording to organize the alternative scenarios in detail. It is important preliminary work, especially in this case when conditions are determined by weather phenomena.

The constant communication with Edox did not only made the process smooth but was also necessary in order we have an agreement between the offered and the expected result. The creation of the video storyboard with music and real images contributed to this as well. Edox as a customer had a clear insight of what they expected to see in the video and what we would create. In this way, they had the opportunity to choose what suits them and to make their suggestions to us. It is important we speak the same language as the customer.

After we made our plan and concluded an agreement with the customer, we proceeded with the filming. It took us two days to complete it. Having done the correct preparation, the filming was executed smoothly and without unpleasant surprises.

On the third day, we dealt with a part of post-production, the voice-over. Here Marianna’s contribution was decisive, as her own words were used for this process.

As far as music is concerned, it is material that has legal copyrights for global promotion.

It is also worth mentioning that for each scene we also predicted the inclusion of a shot that the watch is clearly displayed. So, the client could make his choice in post-editing without making any compromises on the result from their side. Such details and alternatives are important to be provided to the customer. They define their satisfaction and the final result.

Through the whole process, we managed to keep the standards high in order to achieve a result of high quality. We listen to the customer’s needs and preferences. Our experience allows us to offer the best possible results.

This video format is suitable for use on the website and social media. The purpose and the use of a video are important to be defined from the beginning. This is how we define the specifications accordingly.


4 Reasons Why Commercial Video Production in Greece Can Have an Impact on The Growth of Your Business!


On the occasion of this Edox promotional video in Greece, I am going to cite four reasons why a video can help also your business grow! Here they are in short.

  1. The business activity or the kind of your product is irrelevant to the video effectiveness. No matter what your service or your product is, you can make the most of it. Make a well-made video and use it through your digital channels no matter the kind of your business.
  2. A commercial video is a product you can use in various ways and with a wide approach. Everyone that owns a smartphone or a computer can watch your video, at any time of the day. Just create attractive content that captivates the attention of your audience.
  3. Do you want to boost your brand’s credibility? Increase your customers’ engagement? This is the way! An entertaining and pleasant commercial video will help you achieve it.
  4. Present your service and product with clarity using the video. Think of the times you have found yourself confused with a product or even a company’s activity. Create the impression you want the audience to have for you!

In a nutshell, reach your prospective customers easily, in a pleasant approach, and at any time of the day.




Do You Still Have Second Thoughts? Have A Look at The Surveys


  • Users spend almost 90% more time browsing on websites that include videos in their content. (Social Media Week)


  • Over 50% of consumers would prefer to see more videos from the brand they prefer and support. (HubSpot, 2018)


  • A viewer can retain over 90% of a message he watches in video content, while the percentage is much lower when he reads a text. He can retain only 10% of this. (Insivia)


  • Over 80% of the audience has admitted that was convinced to proceed with a purchase after watching a brand’s video. (Optinmonster)


Make Your Step to Create Your Commercial Video Production in Greece


We are Instafilms, and we are experts in commercial video production in Greece. We pay attention to detail aiming to provide services of high quality. This is why we are flexible and professional to meet our customers’ requirements. Contact us today for a quote. Let us know about your goals and we will come back with an offer tailor-made for you!

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