Fashion Revolution

Posted on December 4, 2021

Corporate video production in Athens

The recording of this video was one of the very special ones for corporate video production in Athens, Instafilms.The reason is not related to the content of the script, but the purpose of this video. Within the few minutes that the video lasts, we wanted to include all the essence of the photoshoot by cpsofikitis that took place for the promotion and the activity of the Fashion Revolution in Greece. Through this corporate video, we wanted to showcase the intense character of the world’s largest fashion activism movement. As they also state among others, they are bold, provocative, and inclusive. Just like the Corporate Video production for Fashion Revolution we undertook. The script was intense and provoked the audience to wake up!

What Makes the Corporate Video Production for Fashion Revolution Stand Out?

The Fashion Revolution movement is global and through their collaboration with artists and activists, they try to make their voice louder and impactful. This is exactly the power enclosed in this video. The participation of recognized, Greek artists makes this video effective.

As per the theme, it is very cautiously created. It is symbolic and tries to awaken the audience. The naked artists are standing in front of the camera. And they are naked just because no cloth or accessory should steal the show. It is not about colors or images. It is about peoples’ thoughts and conscience. A hanging balloon, full of water, is placed above their head. Some seconds later the bursting balloon releases the water and this is the magic moment. The time that reveals the way that each one of us reacts to unexpected news. The water is like this news that shocks everybody making our bodies flinch and twitch. And then what? Do we think of the information or do we keep on with our lives as nothing happened? This is a personal decision related to our ethics, beliefs, and consciousness.

This is exactly what Fashion Revolution strives for.

If people were aware of the reality of the fashion industry, then they would be more likely to behave differently. ‘Who made my clothes?’ is the movement’s principal quote. A question that encourages us to think further. What do we really know about the manufacturing of our clothes? What are the circumstances under which the workers create our clothes? And what are the resources and the raw materials used? And most importantly what is the aftereffect to the natural environment?

A combination of concerns is silently transferred to the audience through this artistic video. This is the case that highlights the potential of video production. A powerful tool that is used in favor of humanity. Within a few minutes, the viewer can comprehend a powerful message. Initially, the combination of the uplifting music and the quick alternation of visuals grabbed their attention. And then some seconds later the viewer wonders what it is all about. People start thinking, trying to find answers about the deeper meaning of what they watch. Keep on watching to get inspired, to have a deeper understanding. Then the moment of truth! Suddenly, everything makes sense and people understand what it’s all about. This reveal makes them feel better, feel special. And yes, the message was just delivered! Mission accomplished!

How Fashion Revolution Was Found?


“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” —Neale Donald Walsch

Psychologists talk about peoples’ comfort zone. Each one of us feels safe in it. We are at ease and we feel that we have control over things around us. We don’t feel stress or anxiety and this is the reason why we prefer to live in there. But do we really live? Do we really breathe, act, create? Do we develop ourselves?  Well, real-life refutes this belief! This is why a disaster is all it takes to raise awareness.

Actually, this is how Fashion Revolution was founded. The Rana Disaster in 2013 was the straw that broke the glass and gave rise to this global fashion activism movement to start its global activity. They work on creating better labor conditions for people in the fashion industry. Millions of people are exposed to unsafe work environments, especially in the countries of the developing world. They also aim to create a fashion industry that operates concerning the environment, conserving precious resources.

Within a few years, they have succeeded to receive the support of great organizations like the European Union and the British council. This is mission-critical even though the Fashion Revolution consists of and appeals to every common people.

A Corporate Video Production in Athens Works Perfectly for Any Business

The corporate video production for Fashion Revolution was only a booming example of video effectiveness. This is why we heartily recommend creating a corporate video for every business, according to their needs. It is an extremely impactful way to send your message, to enhance your marketing strategy at every step of the procedure. Corporate video production is equally effective at every step of the marketing funnel. It is an appealing way to introduce your brand or your service and to make the prospective customer familiar with what you offer to him. And then a video increases customer loyalty. Every step, every target is achievable using the right tools!

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