Corporate video in Greece

Posted on November 7, 2022

Corporate video in Greece

Every year a plethora of seminars and conferences are organized around the world, depending on the subject of each business or organization and the purpose of holding the event. So, it is extremely important that such events have to be fully covered by audio-visual material, by corporate video in Greece.

Events, seminars and conferences: Business extroversion tools

As is well known, seminars, conferences, and generally the events that are organized by a company, are extremely important, not only for advertising and promotion of the company, but also for getting to know each other. Through such events, the brand, the message and the philosophy of your business are clearly conveyed. This creates communication channels with the outside world, and increases your readability.

Milestones for business

The holding of seminars, conferences and events can also be characterized as milestone moments for businesses. For this reason, it is necessary to cover such an event with a high-quality corporate video. By creating such a video, not only the content and theme of the event, but also the entire brand of the company is displayed directly and effectively.

Importance of holding corporate events

Many companies around the world choose to hold their events either to celebrate an anniversary or simply for the staff to get to know each other and build better relationships. For this reason, it is important to choose a location that combines hospitality and tranquility.

Events with a Greek touch!

The most popular destinations for these events are usually the capitals of the countries where the workers come from. Thus, Greece is an excellent choice for holding events and conferences, since the hospitality and the temperate Mediterranean climate are the ideal combination!

IAG Forum in Greece

This year, for the first time, IAG chose Greece to hold its annual forum. IAG, is a global alliance of independent assistance companies that provides a worldwide variety of services to its clients. Every year, as part of strengthening her extroversion, she organizes a forum in magical destinations, and this year the target destination was, of course, Athens.

Celebrating 30 years of providing security services

The reason for IAG’s visit to Athens, was the company’s 30th anniversary in the field of all kinds of insurance services. IAG’s investors, shareholders, correspondents and employees looked forward to this high-profile meeting.

The aim of this conference was, on the one hand, the networking of the existing ones, the improvement of knowledge regarding the insurance sector, but also the sharing of ideas, opinions and concerns.


Instafilms | Corporate video in Greece

IAG, in order to forever capture the beautiful moments that Athens gave to all attendees, commissioned Instafilms to cover the corporate video in Greece. We, respecting the particularities of each client, always try to provide high-quality videos, thus highlighting each company and its philosophy.

Do not hesitate to contact us, and tell us your ideas. We will try to create material that meets your requirements and specifications, always respecting your particularities and your uniqueness.

Raise awareness of your business through a corporate video

The recognition of each business is extremely important. Through this you become known to your future customers. It also strengthens the already existing relationships with your old customers.

Therefore, corporate videos are undoubtedly a successful and direct way of promoting your business. In just a few minutes, your goals, ideas and philosophy are captured.

With Instafilms you can create corporate videos in Greece. Either to advertise your products, to promote your services. Or even to cover an event like IAG’s.

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