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A car advertising spot for Memory Travel


Do you own a business and don’t know how to share your products with customers? Do you want to promote your services simply and effectively? If the answer to the above questions was positive, then, continue reading this article, and learn how you can benefit through a commercial spot.

Memory Travel is a luxury travel services company based in Santorini. The success of this particular company is based on the high quality it offers to its customers, on the professionalism it possesses, but also on its very effective promotion both on social media and on its distribution channels.


car advertising spotFor this reason, we have a great pleasure and the honor to collaborate with them again, and to create a unique car advertising spot to promote the group’s strengthened fleet.


3 reasons to invest in an advertising spot


1. Get your business message across instantly. Through an advertising spot, you can display your products and services massively to your consumers with ease and speed. In just a few seconds you have conveyed all the necessary information your customers need to know to choose your business.

2. Strengthen your brand. As you know, video ads can be shown almost… everywhere! From TVs, computers, smartphones, and generally wherever there is a monitor screen! In this way, customers learn about you, and have continuous contact with your brand, thus increasing traffic to your site and ultimately increasing your sales!

3. Advertise your business on the 2nd largest search engine in the world: YouTube. Video commercials can be viewed on all social media and especially on YouTube. The benefits are many since YouTube is the largest search engine after Google.

car advertising spot

Car advertising spot by Instafilms

Instafilms is a Greek video production company that aims to effectively promote the companies it collaborates with. Its’ services cover various video categories such as events, fashion, recipe videos, promotional & corporate videos, and more!

The car advertising spot we created for Memory Travel is our second collaboration with this company, after the great success of the previous one.

Memory Travel is increasing its fleet and wants to promote it effectively with a car advertising spot, which will highlight all the special features of the products it provides.

At Instafilms, in addition to the central car commercial, we also provide other display solutions for your business, such as Instafeeds and display videos on business monitors (eg hotels, travel agencies) or inside the cars themselves.

What Instafeeds are?


Instafeeds are an innovation of Instafilms and are small video reels, of high standards. Of course, they can be shared on all social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Tik Tok, etc.). Give your customers unique stories and videos. Shape effectively your corporate identity through your integrated presence on social networks, and increase the trust of your audience by offering them professional content.

Memory Travel promotes its products and services through Instafeeds on social media, which are also at their peak since they are used daily by millions of users worldwide.


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Continuous video on  monitors

Continuous display videos on a monitor are longer videos, which come to offer a continuous display of your advertising spot both in the interior of your business and in outdoor spaces.

In this particular example, Memory Travel uses a continuous projection of videos on the monitors of its offices, and at its reception, but also uses this to attract new partners using internal marketing techniques in travel agencies, hotels, etc. Car advertising spots can also be shown on airport screens, train stations, and passenger ship screens.

Complete video services from Instafims

If you want to create a promotional video like Memory Travel’s car advertising spot, all you have to do is contact us here.

We will try to provide you with high-quality videos, and complete video services for the effective promotion of your brand. You can see more samples of our work here, and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube so you’re always up-to-date!



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