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Event video company Instafilms present the interview video for the book presentation «Εγώ,ο κύριος Λω» written by the author Άννα Μπαχά, Gavrielides Publications.

A promo video for your book launch!

A book launch is one of the most special days for a writer. Of course, the promo video for a book launch needs to be equally special. It is said that picking the right venue for a book launch is half the victory. Promoting your event through all your available platforms is the guarantee of success. A good writer knows that there is always a good story to tell. No matter where you are. Inspiration is everywhere. Although there are many ways to narrate your own story, a promo video featuring your very own book launch is one of them.

Moreover, as part of your legacy and brand name, an inspired promo video can be a valuable tool that will help you promote your work. Whether it is going to be a short promo video like a movie trailer or a longer promo video featuring your interview and your entire book launch, the Instafilms team can help you choose the promo video that suits your needs best.

First things first, always start with a clear vision of your book launch promo video!

Your promo video must be short and quickly absorbable, while still being sufficient enough to make your readers want to know more about your work. A promo video can be distributed to social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter with relative ease. Furthermore, you can also integrate it in your official website. In addition to that, you’ll want to make use of every platform at your disposal. This way, you will direct your viewers and future readers down the specific routes you want them to take.

Look for promo video inspiration!

A successful promo video can truly fuel your brand and increase your readers. The promo video we created for the book launch of Anna Bacha’s book is a great example of a simple and elegant promo video. If you want to know more on how to create the promo video of your dreams, please get in touch. Our team looks forward to hearing from you.